Mathematical Methods of Mechanics
School for young mechanicians and mathematicians (SYMM 2021)
1.11.2021 – 5.11.2021
Steklov Mathematical Institute
Moscow, Russia

The school will feature lectures by leading scientists and short speeches by young researchers and students. The school's topics include the theory of integrable systems, the theory of differential equations, and the application of fundamental results to the description and study of practically significant models of continuum mechanics. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has not finished yet, the school will be held online.

ZOOM-link will be sent to all registered participants.

Working language: Russian.

Participation & Registration

The Conference will be held November 1– 5, 2021 at Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow, Gubkina st. 8). All lectures will be broadcasted via ZOOM. You can register as a participant here.


In case of any questions, please contact the organizers:


Confirmed Lecturers and Program
    Monday, November 1
    11:00 - Sergey V. Bolotin, Dynamics of slow-fast Hamiltonian systems
    12:15 - Aleksey A. Davydov, Structural stability of controlled systems and related issues
    13:15-14:15 - Break
    14:15 - Alexander V. Aksenov, Simple methods for constructing exact solutions to mathematical physics equations
    15:30 - Sergey V. Sokolov, Atlas of Bifurcation Diagrams for One Model of the Lagrange Top with a Vibrating Suspension
    Tuesday, November 2
    11:00 - Andrej T. Il'ichev, Characteristic and dynamic stability of nonlinear solitary strain waves in a liquid-filled elastic membrane tube
    12:15 - Nikolay I. Sidnyaev, Mechanics of the influence of oxygen plasma flow around polymer composite materials on the morphology of the surface in the conditions of near-Earth space
    13:15-14:15 - Break
    14:15 - Elena B. Soboleva, Haline convection in porous media and problems of underground hydrodynamics
    15:30 - Georgii G. Tsypkin, Mathematical models of heat and mass transfer in porous media and stability problems
    Wednesday, November 3
    11:00 - Yuliy D. Chashechkin, Engineering mathematics of fluid and gas flows: Atomic-molecular effects in the hydrodynamics of drop impact
    12:15 - Vladimir A. Vatutin, Branching processes and bottlenecks in the evolution of populations
    13:15-14:15 - Break
    14:15 - Aleksandr I. Nazarov, Waves in a homogeneous isotropic elastic wedge
    15:30 - Ivan Yu. Polekhin, The Brockett integrator
    17:00 - Vitaliy V. Bulatov, Mathematical modeling of stratified media wave dynamics: asymptotics and applications
    Thursday, November 4
    11:00 - Section for Young Researchers (online only)
    Friday, November 5
    11:00 - Section for Young Researchers (online only)

    The school has been supported by the Russian Science Foundation (Project No. 19-71-30012), by the Ministry of Education and Science (Project No. 075-15-2019-1614) and by the Ural Mathematical Center (UMC, Project No. 075-02-2021-1383).

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